Bieber fever strikes at movie theaters

The fans have a fever and the only prescription is…more Bieber. “Bieber fever” hit the nation on February 11 when Justin Bieber released his first full-length movie “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.” Admittedly, I do enjoy his bubble-gum pop love songs even though they barely have enough substance to pass for real music. Although I try not to feed into the hysteria that surrounds the teen sensation, I have to say I was curious. The marketing that was done for this movie was insane and everywhere I went I couldn’t seem to escape it. But what really drew me in was the trailers. My eyes were glued to my television screen every time the trailer played, mesmerized by the screaming teenage girls. I didn’t know it was possible to cry, scream, laugh, and hyperventilate at one time, but they proved to me that it can be done. Watching these girls lose it over Justin Bieber, I just had to know: what is it about him that drives girls (and possibly guys) bananas?
So, the next thing I know I’m driving myself and my roommate to Cinema 53 on a Thursday afternoon. Snacks? Check. Beverages? Check. Low expectations? Check. Typically, I’m too cheap to go for the 3-D version of any movie. I find that movies these days are depending too heavily on 3-D effects that frankly, aren’t worth it. The movies are already committing highway robbery by charging me $7 for a matinee but that’s a rant for another day. So, we opted for the 3-D version to get the full effect, forked over our extra $3 and headed into the theater.
I was stunned. Not by the amazing 3-D technology (which only added minimal coolness to the movie so I would recommend skipping it) but by the fact that I genuinely enjoyed watching this movie. This “True Hollywood Story” on steroids impressed me both in the way it was made and by the fact that it seemed to tell an inspiring story of real worth.
The movie follows Justin Bieber on his tour as it leads up to his big performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Madison Square Garden seats almost 40,000 fans for concerts and Bieber managed to sell it out in a mere 22 minutes. No matter how much you hate Justin Bieber you have to admit, that is impressive. The movie showcased a lot about Bieber’s personal life and the struggles that he and his management team face.
The personal story clips are cut in with scenes from his final performance in New York. Performances include guest appearances by Ludacris, Sean Kingston, Boys II Men, Miley Cyrus and, of course, Usher.
If you are dragged to this movie and really can’t keep an open mind, I guarantee you will at least enjoy the street interviews with Bieber’s fans. These future-stalkers-in-the-making are cinematic gold. So, if you must go, you do have something to look forward to.
Although Bieber didn’t win any Grammy’s this year, he will have at least $30 million to ease his pain considering that’s what the movie made just on opening weekend. This movie was actually enjoyable to watch and surprisingly I left the theater feeling that I got my money’s worth. So as much as it pains me to say it, I think this movie did make me a “Belieber.”


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